“When we say that we should sing the Word, we mean that our singing ought to be biblical.” –– Ligon Duncan

In his message at TGC21, Ligon Duncan describes what the book of Hebrews means by “acceptable worship” in the life of the Christian. What does it practically look like? Duncan answers not only the “what” but also the “how.”

Worship is defined as “glorifying and enjoying God forever,” which is done in two ways: (1) gathering to worship with the body of Christ and (2) worshiping God in all of life with everything we have.

These two elements of worship work together, ensuring we’re not hypocrites with our hearts far from God as we enter the assembly of worship and encouraging us, while in the assembly, to also worship in private.

Most importantly, Duncan reminds us “acceptable worship” is worship according to the Scriptures—it’s filled by the Word and framed by the Word. Not only do we read God’s Word, but we pray it, preach it, and sing it. And we do it all with a heart of gratitude. This is acceptable worship.