In his message at TGC’s 2021 National Conference, John Yates teaches on the successes of The Great Awakening of the 1700s to1800s and what this historical revival can show us.

Yates explains five things that made the ministry and revival of the early awakeners so effective:

1. Their message always started with man’s lostness and inability to live up to the standard of God. It always ended with the atonement of Christ and a call to new birth and true faith that brings assurance of salvation.

2. Their delivery was filled with a great sense of duty and responsibility to bring others to Christ.

3. Their community was set up from the beginning to have small groups with high commitment where honesty and accountability for Christian living were the focus.

4. Their emotions, flowing from their devotion to Christ, had a place, and the awakeners used them in their music and writings.

5. Their leaders were well trained and educated.

Yates closes with encouragement and urges us to pray for revival now as we rely on the Holy Spirit to move.